Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Farewell and Mission Update

This past Sunday,March 22nd, our Missionary Farewell was held in our ward.  It was a great meeting, the Spirit was strong and filled the building.  The attendance was also good, the chapel was filled to capacity and overflowed in 1/2 of the cultural hall.  In attendance were members of our ward and stake as well as many family members and close friends. 

My two daughters gave the opening and closing prayers, our grandchildren sang an intermediate song and Kay's daughters sang the closing song.  The remarks by those attending were very complimentary of the program. 

We had a small get together afterwards called, "A Linger Longer".  As we met with friends and family we sensed a strong feeling of love and support.  This past Sunday was a very wonderful day.  I again would like to thank all those who travelled from far distances to attend with us and show their love and support.

This morning, March 24th, we enjoyed another Skype call with President Thomas, a counselor to our Mission President.  He introduced us to Elder Stapley, who we will be replacing in Queenstown, SA. 

We received information about our new assigned area, what assignments we may be involved with, and what will be taking place our first few days in the mission.  It seems like we better get all the rest we can get before we leave, because we're going to be very busy as soon as we arrive.  The work is progressing and the church is growing very fast in South Africa. 

We are so excited for our mission to begin and look forward to this new chapter in our life.


  1. South Africa looks beautiful! Both mountains and ocean so close together. I'm sure your mission experience will be very rewarding. I wish you both the best & I'll see you in a couple of years!