Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Today was a special day for us.  We started off early this morning by attending a session at the Ogden Temple.  We went an hour earlier than we have in the past.  One hour made a big difference, the session was a little smaller and the spirit seemed to be felt more than usual.  We will also be attending Saturday evening with out ward for our monthly ward temple night.  The session will be the last one we can attend before the Ogden Temple closes for cleaning.  Fortunately the Temple will re-open again after cleaning so that we may attend one more time before we leave on our mission.

The other event which was special for us was we had two young men from our ward's young men's organization came to dinner and afterwards presented one of the missionary lessons.  This is missionary month for the Young Men and Young Young Women, and on nights like tonight they go to a members home, have a dinner with the family and present a lesson out of "Preach My Gospel."   It so refreshing to have young men like Kendall and Judd, who have such strong testimonies and wonderful spirits, come to our home.

Tonight I found a video about the Book of Mormon I would like to share, which bears testimony of the power of this book.  Please follow the link and share your feelings with us.

May the Lord in his wisdom bless you and your families.

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