Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Another Week Has Gone By!

It's hard to believe that we have been missionaries for just over a month, and that we have been here in South Africa just over 3 weeks.  The time seems to be flying by already.  Our daily routine is settling in now and we are starting to adjust to everything, the layout of the city of Queenstown, how to blend in with traffic, and the people in the areas we are assigned to work in.

To start the mornings we get up, have breakfast and then go for a morning walk.  Our walk usually lasts about an hour and we have tried to take a different route each day.  One thing we have noticed that seems to be a standard here is that every yard is gated and barred, and that most every vehicle is pulling some type of a small tote trailer behind them,

As we are walking and pass people and they stare at our name badges, we tell them hello and good morning.  They always respond with a perky "hello and good morning" back to us.  The people are just kind and hospitable.

Yesterday I had to meet the Zone Leaders at the Chevrolet dealership at 7:30 am so that they could drop of their vehicle to have the brakes checked.  While waiting there I went up to a young lady who was working at the cashier counter and started talking with her.  She told me that I must be from America.  I asked her why she thought that and she told me it was my accent.  She said she loves American accents.  I told her that we had something in common and that I enjoyed South African and British accents.

As we chatted she noticed my name tag and asked me about what I was doing here.  I told her that Sister Farnsworth and I were here in Queenstown by assignment from our church as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She told me that she didn't know anything about our church but would like to know more someday.  I then took the opportunity to tell her where the Queenstown ward was located and invited her to attend with us this coming Sunday.  She said she would.  I then had her write her name down for me and gave it the Elder Thayne and her went back to talk with her and confirmed the invitation for Sunday.  She told him that she was planning to attend.

Last night we met the Elders in Ezabline to leave a short message and celebrate the birthday of an investigator they are working with.  While we were giving the lesson, her uncle came in and wanted to meet the new missionaries,  When I introduced myself he asked me if I was from Texas, because I had what he thought was a Texas accent.  I told him that no, I was not, I was from Utah and it was probably just my "Utah" accent.  He laughed and said I still sounded like I was from Texas.

Part of the birthday celebration was a "Red Velvet Cake" that Sister Farnsworth had made for the occasion.  It was just one of the cake mixes from the store, but the frosting was one that she makes from scratch.  The cake was a hit, but frosting was the thing that everyone loved most.  The two sisters that we were teaching want to know how to make the frosting so they can impress their friends and family.  They want Sister Farnsworth to help them learn how to make it.  I thing she has made friends for life.

All in All its' been a very nice week so far.  Today I'm supposed to have my windshield replaced, or should I say "windscreen" like they call it down here.  Then we have keyboard lessons to give in Sada this afternoon.  Friday we are driving to East London to spend the night for Zone Conference with President Merrill and Elder Evans of the Seventy.  Friday evening we are joining all the senior couple in the two zones for dinner.  We will get to meet more of our counter parts in the Eastern Cape. We will then drive back to Queenstown of Saturday afternoon and attend Church in Illinge on Sunday.

Thanks for following us on this blog and we'll be back to update soon

Elder Farnsworth

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. Very interesting. You both are doing so well and making friends, getting to know the area, talking to folks about your church. I'm sure it's very gratifying. And yes, the time really is flying by already! Keep the blogs coming!