Friday, May 29, 2015

May 25, 2015, Family Home Evening

This picture was taken in the home of one of the Queenstown Ward family's home. Right to left are Sister Ndabeni, Elder Thayne, Brother Ndabeni, Sister Jabanga, Brother Jabanga, Sister Farnsworth, Elder Farnsworth. I know you know the last two. I just had to be "smart." All of us "older folks" sat around talking while the daughter finished fixing the dinner.
We held a Family Home Evening there. The family fixed a nice chicken dinner. The Elders made a campfire out in the back yard & we introduced them all to "s'mores." They were a big hit with everyone! We used "tennis biscuits" which were similar to graham crackers, large pink & white marshmallows, & Cadbury chocolates. Yum!
Brother Jabanga asked for volunteers to bear testimonies but ended up asking 5 including Elder Farnsworth to bear their testimonies.  We then sang the 1st verse of "Praise to the Man" to close & then had the closing prayer. It was fun!

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